Wanted: New cradle-to-cradle product

AKF / AGF Industry BV Netherlands has developed a new method for reprocessing thermoplastic composite (CFRTC).

In this method, thermoplastic composite residual material consisting of PPS (Poly-Phenylene-Sulfide) with continuous, woven, carbon fiber is worked up into injection-moulded granules with reduced fiber length (short-fiber carbon filling).

Test spraying has now been carried out and the technology has been developed on a pilot scale.

In this way AKF / AGF Naarden has achieved two objectives: Firstly, we fulfil the ever-increasing demand for recycling of composites. Secondly, we provide a high-tech material, at very acceptable costs, for non-certified or less demanding applications in which the reuse of raw materials is possible or permitted.

We are currently looking for applications from parties who either want to develop a product from recycled material, or want to have an existing (injection moulded) product exported in a recycled material.

For further information, please contact our sales department.