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AKF Plastics collaborates with TPAC on sustainable recycling of thermoplastic composites

AKF Plastics collaborates with TPAC on sustainable recycling of thermoplastic composites

Naarden, December 11th, 2023 – AKF Plastics, a leading injection molding expert with a history dating back to the 1930s, has joined a groundbreaking research and development project in collaboration with TPAC (ThermoPlastics composites Application Center), a part of Saxion University of Applied Sciences. The aim of this project is nothing less than transforming thermoplastic composites from waste into reusable injection molding granules, resulting in a sustainable and circular solution for production waste and end-of-life material.

A Green Revolution in Thermoplastic Composites

The project involves a deep collaboration between AKF Plastics and TPAC, leveraging the expertise of both organizations to optimize the recycling processes of thermoplastic composites. This high-end material, often used in sectors such as aviation, requires specialized processes to be recycled into a reliable and usable new raw material for injection molding production. The ultimate goal is to ensure that these recycled materials retain their economic value and mechanical properties, resulting in a significantly lower carbon footprint.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Johan Bakker, director of AKF Plastics, emphasizes the importance of this collaborative project: “At AKF Plastics, we strive for innovation and sustainability in everything we do. We are proud to be part of this project that paves the way for a greener future in the industry. Together with TPAC, we are working to achieve a circular solution for materials that would otherwise be dumped or incinerated, and we are committed to reducing environmental impact.”

A Significant Contribution to a Greener World

This exciting project, part of AKF Plastics’ efforts to provide high-quality injection molding solutions, aims to make a tangible contribution to reducing environmental impact. Injection molding granules are produced from the collected materials, which are then processed by AKF Plastics into high-quality injection-molded products.

About AKF Plastics

Founded in the pre-war period, AKF Plastics has a long history and has grown into a prominent injection molding company providing high-quality plastic injection molding solutions for industrial clients in sectors such as aviation, automotive, and construction. The company focuses on economically, technically, and socially responsible production.

About TPAC

TPAC (ThermoPlastics composites Application Center) is an independent innovation, research, and development center focusing on the application of thermoplastic composites and related technology. They collaborate with SMEs on cost-effective processing, automation, and recycling of thermoplastic composites.

For more information about AKF Plastics and their involvement in this project, please contact Johan Bakker, director of AKF Plastics, at phone number +31 (0)6-53922140.

This project is a significant step towards a more sustainable future for the industry, with recycling and reuse at its core. AKF Plastics and TPAC are proud to be part of this positive change and remain committed to innovation and environmental awareness.




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