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Supplier selection: Free eGuide

Be well informed when building your new mould

Free eGuide selecting your supplier

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Are you already negotiating with different suppliers for your new plastic product? Or will you soon start approaching a number of suppliers? Selecting the right supplier is often an important process. The question that people often ask themselves is: “How do I make the right choice from the offers of different suppliers of plastic injection moulded products?”

To answer the most frequently asked questions, we have compiled a handy eGuide series with Tips & Advices. Part 2 provides insight into how you can select the right supplier, cost structure, price structure and our vision on quality. More useful eGuides about injection moulding, selecting the right injection moulding, and the quality of the raw materials will follow later.


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A free eguide with tips & advice

The following topics are covered in this Free eGuide:

General Selection Criteria

Cost structure & Injection mould

Price structure & Injection moulded products

AKF Plastics vision on quality

Useful Advice

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AKF / AGF can offer companies a completely stress-free option in the field of injection moulding. Our specialist team guarantees excellent service and the best possible customer experience. On average our customers rate us with a 9.5.
Johan Bakker
General Manager AKF Plastics