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‘Just in Time Delivery’ as a standard service at AKF Plastics.

At AKF Plastics it is possible to store your products at our location. In fact, we are happy to store your products for free in order to be able to deliver from stock at any time. Once production has started there are two clear advantages for you:

  • If we can deliver your products directly from our stock, this enables us to better coordinate productions. Reducing your costs and improving efficiency.
  • As a customer we can deliver your products to your end user directly from our stock. This also saves you time!

Free storage

We can arrange direct delivery from stock: ‘Just in Time Delivery’. At AKF Plastics this is part of our standard service which we are happy to offer to our customers. You do not pay anything extra for our keeping track of the stock, so you can also leave this to your trusted partner AKF Plastics. We have a stock warehouse with 1250 pallet places which means we have plenty of capacity for storage.

Mould garden

You can also have moulds stored internally at AKF Plastics in Naarden. When moulds have been taken into production internally, we store them in our ‘mould garden’. The mould garden is a very safe location, equipped with several security systems that protect the moulds against both burglary and fire. The moulds always remain your property and they are provided with a model plate and stored with care.

Both your products and your moulds can be safely stored at AKF Plastics. We deliver your products directly from stock as a free part of our ‘Just In Time Delivery’ service.

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