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Injection Molding Solutions for Machine and Equipment Manufacturing

Injection Molding for Machine and Equipment Manufacturing

Plastic Products for Machines and Equipment at AKF Plastics

Injection Molding Machine / Equipment Manufacturing

Plastic Injection Molded Components for Machine and Equipment Manufacturing.

As specialists in injection molding, we offer custom solutions designed for industrial customers in machine and equipment manufacturing. Think of the intricate plastic components found in various types of machinery used in manufacturing, construction, and other industrial sectors.

Injection Molding of Machine Parts

We understand the importance of plastic components and their role in ensuring smooth operations across these diverse industries. We take pride in manufacturing complex, high-quality, and precision-designed plastic parts.

AKF Plastics is your ideal partner for reliable solutions that enhance the performance and durability of your machines. We provide full support from the development concept to final production, ensuring accurate and efficient fulfillment of your requirements.

Injection moulding for machines

Various components for machine and equipment manufacturing.

Contact Our Injection Molding Experts

Do you have questions about materials, injection molding, or specific products for machine and equipment manufacturing? We’re here to help. Contact us via the contact form or call us at:
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What AKF Plastics Netherlands Stands For

Recycled Plastics

AKF Plastics places great importance on the environment and contributes to a circular economy.

We use recycled plastics while our certification guarantees high-quality products.

Injection Molding Small Series

AKF Plastics is your optimal partner for injection molding small series of plastic products.

Injection molding is also ideal for producing complex products consisting of multiple components or even multiple materials.

Large products

AKF Plastics has everything needed for the complete injection molding production of large products.

We have injection molding machines capable of up to 1600 tons of clamping force and up to 10,900 grams of shot weight.

Injection Molding for the Machine Building Sector

At AKF Plastics, we believe that success is built through a continuous commitment to quality and innovation. With over 90 years of experience in the industry, we have proven that we are more than just a supplier – we are your strategic partner for success. Our dedication to ISO standards underscores our commitment to consistency and quality in all our processes. With an impressive delivery rate of nearly 98% over a 10-year period, you can trust that we not only exceed your expectations but also deliver on time.

AKF Plastics is built on a legacy of craftsmanship and enduring excellence. Our history spans decades of challenges and successes, giving us an in-depth understanding of your needs and goals. We take pride in being a partner that transforms your vision into tangible reality, pushing the boundaries of possibilities and elevating your projects to unprecedented heights.

Consistent & Reliable

Within the demanding world of machine building, reliability is essential. At AKF Plastics, we understand that every link in the chain is crucial. Our years of experience and dedication to precision injection molding ensure that you can rely on us for high-quality plastic parts that meet the strictest standards.

From components for complex machines to precisely designed products for machine construction, our reliable solutions strengthen your business. Choose AKF Plastics and experience the peace of mind that comes from partnering with a company that values your reliability.

Medical equipment plastic part manufacturing

Plastic Applications for Machine and Equipment Manufacturing:

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Plastic Parts
Poultry Processing Industry

High-quality, indispensable components that meet strict standards for the poultry industry.


Plastic Parts for Fish and Seafood Industry

Plastic parts for drive belts and controls for deboning and filleting machines, among others.

Coffemachines - Injection molding for machines.

Plastic Parts for Professional Catering Machines

Various plastic parts with precise tolerances for food and beverage machines.

plastic onderdelen robots en machines

Plastic Parts
Robots and Machines

High-quality plastic components for robot arms, robots, and machines in various industries.

Plastic onderdelen machines parts plastic

Plastic Parts for Machines

Various plastic parts with precise tolerances for machines and equipment.

plastic parts machines

Plastic Parts for Electronics

Various plastic parts with precise tolerances used in electronic components or motors.

Plastic Injection Molded Products for Machine and Equipment Manufacturing

Our extensive expertise in injection molding, combined with state-of-the-art machines and dedicated professionals, is the driving force behind your success. We go beyond manufacturing; we create solutions that bring your vision to life. With AKF Plastics, you have not just a partner but a team that understands your challenges and works with you to push boundaries. Contact us today and discover how we can elevate your projects to new heights. Together we build a future full of possibilities

machine-injection-moulded parts

Thanks to our production location and the use of the highest quality injection molds, we offer the perfect solution to fulfill your production needs in machine and equipment manufacturing. We understand that every moment of downtime is costly, which is why we guarantee durable and reliable components that keep your business running smoothly without interruptions.

Plastic product for construction sector

Choose Quality and Reliability

In addition to the significant advantages that injection molding offers over other production techniques, there are specific – but essential – benefits that AKF Plastics offers as a partner for construction production.

1. Use of Metal Molds

Metal molds for plastic production are superior. This is because hardened steel molds guarantee optimal results for productions of up to one million units. Aluminum molds can only offer optimal results for productions of up to 20,000 pieces. AKF Plastics always uses steel molds.

2. Cost-Effective Production in the Netherlands

Simple products that require minimal to no manual assembly are most cost-effective to produce in the Netherlands. AKF Plastics’ production location is based in Naarden, The Netherlands.

Injection Molding for Machine and Equipment Manufacturing

Contact Our Injection Molding Experts Directly

Looking for capacity? Interested in our completed projects for the construction sector or curious about how we can assist with your project? Contact us easily and quickly. We’re here for you.

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Aviation / Aerospace

Specialized and certified for aviation parts production.

Auto Industry / Automotive

Injection molding solutions for all types of plastic auto parts.

Construction and Building

Complex design? No problem, this is our specialty.

AKF's Contingency Production™

At AKF Plastics, we offer a comprehensive solution for the machine and equipment manufacturing sector, including design, mold development, production, and logistics With our extensive expertise and experience, we can work quickly and efficiently, resulting in competitive prices and fast turnaround times. Furthermore, we have developed an innovative strategy, Contingency Production™ Planning, to ensure uninterrupted production, even in uncertain market conditions. Choose AKF Plastics for reliability, quality, and innovation in the machine and equipment manufacturing sector.

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