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Logistics injection moulding production

Your logistics optimally cared for by AKF Plastics

Logistics services AKF Plastics

Your logistics partner for transporting injection moulds.

If you need moulds for your own production at an external location, this can be arranged by AKF Plastics as well. We prefer this because moulds have fragile parts that we obviously want to keep in the best possible condition during transport.

We have options available for transporting the moulds, including an all-terrain vehicle with four-wheel drive. Only in cases where the weight exceeds 1500 kilos is the transport taken care of externally.

AKF Plastics logistics

AKF Plastics is also your logistcs partner.

External production

In the case of external production, we ensure that the mould is fully ready for when we deliver it, including the required centring shoulders, cooling connections, and any other connections.

We are happy to assist you in achieving an optimal production process. If you encounter problems at your own production location, you can count on the support of AKF Plastics. Of course that is a part of our service as far as we’re concerned.

Storage of Injection moulds

We have a dedicated storage space for moulds that are taken into production internally. We call this our ‘mould garden’. The moulds stored in this garden are provided with a model plate and always remain your property.

The storage space is located at our production location and is very safe, equipped with various security systems and alarms to protect against burglary and fire.

After-sales service is also of great importance for AKF Plastics. We are happy to help you with transport to an external location, and with the start of production or the safe storage of your mould at our location.

Want to make use of our logistics service?

Contact our logistics experts directly.

Do you need a injection mould made and transported to a external location or do you want to store the mould in a safe location. Contact us easily and quickly. We are ready to help you with a free consultation.

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