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Why should I choose AKF Plastics?

Why should I choose AKF Plastics?

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We are a relatively small, but extremely specialised organization in the field of injection moulding. A very high level of knowledge and experience keeps us ahead of the game. We continuously invest in the latest injection moulding machines, education and training. This enables us to attract enthusiastic young operators who we train further in their, and our interests.

Injection moulding capacity

Not only technically, but also in general. Due to our size, we are fast, flexible, affordable and you will always receive an almost immediate answer to your question. We are totally transparent and committed to helping you understand the process, so that you know exactly what you are investing in.

We have the capacity to deal with 0.5 grams to 10 Kg of products. AKF Plastics is also centrally located in historic Naarden, where we combine ultramodern production technology with medieval fortresses! In addition, we are highly qualified, professionally certified, and have been supplying high-level injection moulded products to the aviation industry for decades.

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