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Which materials can be used for injection moulding?

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If your product fulfills a simple function with low demands on dimensions, strength, and assembly, you can think of the so-called poly-olefins, such as PP (poly-propylene), PE (poly-ethylene) or PS (poly-styrene) plastics.

These are the ‘simpler’ plastics. If your product needs to be able to do more in these areas, you should think of technical materials such as PA (polyamide, also known as nylon), PC (polycarbonate), ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) or POM (polyoxymethylene also known as polyacetal).

If your product is going to be used in an extremely complex and challenging environment in the field of strength, heat, chemicals and dimensional stability, you should start looking at so-called high-tech engineering plastics such as PES (poly-ether-sulfone), PEI (poly-ether-imide) and even PFA (poly-fluoro-acetate).

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