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How do I know what kind of mould I need, and what it will cost?

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An injection mould is a piece of tooling that is needed to make your product. In order to arrive at the correct layout and construction of your mould, we first of all look at the complexity of the product, and in particular, what is required geometrically to be able to make it.

Next, we look at how many products are needed each year, and how long the project will run. We also explore whether several products can be combined in one mould.

These analytics provide an overview of the best layout for the required mould. Then sourcing commences for purchasing the relevant mould.

A considerable investment is required for injection moulding. For moulds from low-wage countries, these costs are in the range of around €5,000 – 20,000.

For more complex injection moulds from Europe, the range is around €20,000-100,000. Very large and/or complex moulds can exceed €100,000.

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