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Can I use mould injection for my product?

Can I use mould injection for my product?

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Whether your product can be made technologically is a question that can be answered relatively quickly by our specialists. Our experience is that in general, too much attention is paid to this question in projects (makeability focus). If there are no technological limitations, and they are less common than people think, the focus should be more on a sound marketing strategy.

A saleable product?

Too often we see that people are very preoccupied with ‘how to make the product?’ than with the question ‘how to sell the product?’ and especially ‘at what price’ (the three P’s). Our advice is therefore always “focus on the sale, we will take care of the production”. We often see customers that have either none, or not enough understanding of what is actually possible.

We always give the following as an example: If you request graduated prices from 1,000 – 5,000 – 10,000 – 25,000 pieces from us, you are actually saying that your sales can fluctuate by 2500%! That is of course not realistic.

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