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Can AKF Plastics help me with purchasing a mould?

Can AKF Plastics help me with purchasing a mould?

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For many years AKF Plastics has been developing and making high-quality moulds in our own mould factory. In 2020 we decided to further expand our injection moulding capacity, and to fully focus on reducing our operating costs. This allows us to guarantee our competitive prices and high-quality products. Thanks to many years of knowledge and experience, we can ensure the maintenance and improvement of moulds. For purchasing we work together with regular partners and can provide our expertise. You can therefore take advantage of our buyer assistance services.

When a decision is made to purchase a mould, we will work with you and our European mould building partners to achieve your goals. AKF Plastics is then responsible for the delivery of the mould, the cost of which is taken into account in the purchasing strategy. At the very least, we remain involved as project supervisor.

Sometimes we provide mould constructions in-house. Whether out-sourced or in-house, local test spraying is always supervised by us. In addition, the purchased moulds are tested in the Netherlands and further optimized by, or under the supervision of AKF Plastics.

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