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Injection moulds made by AKF Plastics Netherlands

AKF Plastics has its own tool shop where all necessary operations on injection moulds can be carried out.

Do you want to build your own injection mold? Then you are at the right address. In addition, it also engages in the purchase of injection moulds from third parties, where this is technically, economically or strategically the better choice. In such a case we not only provide supervision by means of project management, but also use our knowledge and experience to actively participate in such, external, manufacturing process. Basically only the maching operations are subcontracted.

What we can offer you in the field of mould construction


AKF Plastics designs, develops and constructs the required injection moulds in house. To this purpose modern technical design software is being used. We apply the 3D systems of SolidWorks.

Throughout this stage not a single chip of machining has been generated yet. Since each product is unique this design- and construction phase has a unique pattern each and every time. This leads to the fact that mould design and construction is almost always a single piece design process (custom made).

3D Cam and Milling operations

CAM is short for Computer Aided Manufacturing. In our toolshop we use Hypermill software. Today we see a development in 3D area. 3D design software is getting very common and widely used so that most product also become 3D shaped. As a result of this in many cases the shapes and geometrical contours of products and mould parts become so complex that interactive programming at the CNC machine is no longer sufficient. This is certainly the case if there is a need for machining in multiple axes of the machine (4th and 5th axis). In those cases the use of 3D CAM software is a necessity.

Mould construction

The typical lead-time of injection moulds vary, basically ranging from approximately 6 weeks up to as much as 20 weeks. The construction and manufacturing of injection moulds is a typical job-shop organization where the various processing steps follow each other. This work sequence is more or less of a fixed nature. As a result, the construction and manufacturing of injection moulds require a certain lead time, resulting in a delivery time. Because of the fact that the individual operations follow each other sequentially, a shorter construction time is very restricted.

Types Injection moulds and possibilities

Injection moulds exist in many forms, types and sizes. We will now describe some of the major types and their characteristics. This privides more insight into the various possibilities.

Test injection moulded product

After we completed the assembly of a new injection mold it is sent to the moulding department for test moulding. The mould is accompanied by a test moulding instruction sheet with vital information for the test moulder regarding details of the product, raw material specifications as well as other requirements and information.

Free eGuide with Tips & Advice Mould Costs

To answer the most frequently asked questions, we have compiled a handy eGuide series with Tips & Advice. Part 1 provides insight into the costs, financing options, lifetime expectancy, and tax aspects of a mould.

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