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injection moulds


AKF Plastics has its own tool factory for the development of moulds for injection moulding.

AKF Plastics is your ideal partner for supplying high-quality injection moulding solutions. Our rich history, experience, and portfolio covers a wide range of industries. Our focus is on producing plastic products for:

  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace
  • Building & Construction

What we can offer you in the field of mould construction


AKF Plastics works on the construction of the required injection mould using modern, technical design software. We work with the SolidWorks 3D system.


CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing. We use the Hypermill software package for this. 3D design software is becoming so integrated that the products often take on three-dimensional forms. It may happen that certain contours of products, or mould parts, become so complex that the operations can no longer be programmed interactively. This is certainly the case when several axes of the machine are required (4th and 5th axis). The use of 3D CAM is then necessary.


Mould construction and construction time: The standard construction time of a mould, depending on the complexity and the number of operations, varies from 6 to 20 weeks. When building injection moulds, various processing steps follow each other sequentially. This work order and resulting lead time is largely fixed. That is why a shorter construction and delivery time is only possible to a very limited extent.

Types of injection moulds and possibilities

There are injection moulds in many different shapes, types and dimensions. We describe a number of main groups and their characteristics here. This gives you more insight into the various options.

Test spraying

Every injection mould we built is delivered to our injection moulding plant to be test sprayed. The injection moulding plant receives a detailed guide sheet with the necessary information about the product, the material to be used, and the design of the customized injection mould.

Free eGuide with Tips & Advice Mould Costs

To answer the most frequently asked questions, we have compiled a handy eGuide series with Tips & Advice. Part 1 provides insight into the costs, financing options, lifetime expectancy, and tax aspects of a mould.

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