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Aircraft interiors / Aerospace plastics

AKF plastics is specialized in injection moulding solutions for the aerospace industry.

Aerospace plastics

Plastic aerospace parts and interiors, made in the Netherlands. When reliability comes first.

AKF Plastics has been providing aircraft material solutions for the aerospace industry for more than 50 years. Look no further for complete injection moulding and mould solutions. With our many years of expertise and AS 9100 D certification in the aerospace industry, we can provide a comprehensive service including:

Aircraft interiors at AKF Plastics

AKF Plastics works with the most effective and innovative techniques available today. We can provide both series production and specialist series. We are committed to fulfilling the needs of our customers and partners, and offer flexible productions with short lead times. Meet the aircraft interior applications of AKF Plastics!

plastic-aerospace-injection moulding-parts-AKF-Plastics

Several aircraft interior plastics,
produced by AKF Plastics the Netherlands.

Contact our Aerospace Experts

Do you have a question about materials, injection moulding or a specific aerospace product? We are always here to help you. Contact us via the contact form or call: 035 694 5545

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What AKF Plastics Netherlands stands for:


AKF Plastics recognises the importance of protecting the environment and contributes to a circular economy. 

For example, we use recycled plastics while our certification guarantees high quality products.


AKF Plastics is your optimum partner for the injection moulding of small series of plastic products. 

Injection moulding is also ideal for the production of complex products consisting of several components or even several materials!


AKF Plastics has everything in-house to take care of the complete injection moulding production of large products. 

For example, we have injection moulding machines that can deliver up to 1600 tons of closing force and a shot weight up to 10,900 grams.

AS 9100-D Certification and products

As a dedicated partner for all your aerospace applications, we are fully certified in accordance with the latest requirements (AS 9100-D). We can provide a wide variety of non-structural products specially designed for the interior of the aircraft. These can be plastic parts.


  • Seats
  • Storage compartments
  • Trolleys
  • Kitchens
  • Sanitary areas

With our many years of experience in both design and production, we like to work in partnership with our customers to achieve their goals, and see it as our mission to make products that are suitable for every type of device. You can count on AKF Plastics.


Als toegewijde partner voor al uw luchtvaart toepassingen zijn wij volledig gecertificeerd in overeenkomst met de laatste eisen (AS 9100-D). Wij kunnen voorzien in een grote variatie aan non-structurele producten speciaal ontworpen voor het interieur van het vliegtuig. Dit kunnen kunststof onderdelen zijn voor bijvoorbeeld:

  • Zittingen
  • Opbergcompartimenten
  • Trolleys
  • Keukens
  • Sanitaire ruimtes

Met onze jarenlange ervaring in zowel design als productie denken wij graag mee met de wensen van de klant en zien wij het als onze missie om de gewenste producten passend te maken voor ieder type toestel. Op AKF Plastics kunt u rekenen.

High-quality aircraft interiors

AKF Plastics works with the highest quality plastics and the most reliable and innovative techniques. In this way we are able to assure our customers that their products will be of the highest level of quality and safety.

Fire-resistant plastics

The injection moulding of high-quality plastics enables us to produce fire-resistant products that meet the most recent requirements of the aerospace industry.

Injection moulding Aerospace fire-resistant product examples:

  • Trays / food containers
  • Luggage boxes for security
  • Trolley bins
  • Aircraft interior panels
  • Lock handles and clips
  • Cup holders
  • Covers for equipment
  • Armrests

Reverse engineering Aerospace parts

In addition to series production, AKF Plastics is also an expert in making specialist series. We do this by means of ‘reverse engineering’. In this process we deconstruct a product to expose its internal functions. We can then construct new products for you on the basis of this information. 

For this we use materials such as PC, PP and any other technical plastic that the product requires. This can also include soft materials such as TPU or TPE, which are used in armrests and seat parts.

Aankomend vliegtuig - Spuitgieten voor de luchtvaart / Aviation injection moulding parts.
Aerospace - interieurs vliegtuigen. Spuitgieten en bijzondere materialen en samengestelde onderdelen voor de luchtvaart.

Optimization additives

In addition to producing complete products, we can optimize existing plastic aerospace products by adding additives. This can be, for example, additives with a fire-retardant effect, or ‘anti-static’ additives that prevent static charging on plastic surfaces. AKF Plastics works with the most recent and innovative materials, so we also offer antimicrobial additives that prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria in the interior of the aircraft!

With our many years of experience in both design and production, we like to work in partnership with our customers to achieve their goals, and see it as our mission to make products that are suitable for every type of plane. You can count on AKF Plastics

Aerospace Plastics

Contact our Aerospace production experts directly.

Looking for injection moulding capacity? Do you have specific needs for your aircraft interior? Or would you like to discuss possible solutions with us because you are looking for an AS 9100 D certified injection moulding company, with many years of experience in the field of injection moulding for the aerospace industry? Contact us via phone or via our contact form.

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AKF's Contingency Production™

At AKF Plastics, we have a proven track record in delivering comprehensive solutions for various industries, including aerospace, construction, machinery and equipment manufacturing, the automotive sector, and many others. Our services encompass everything from design and mold development to production and logistics. With decades of experience, we offer speed and efficiency, resulting in competitive pricing and fast turnaround times. Our innovative strategy, Contingency Production™ Planning, ensures uninterrupted production even in uncertain market conditions. Whether you are active in aviation, construction, machinery, automotive, or any other sector, AKF Plastics guarantees reliability, quality, and innovation for all your plastic needs.

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