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Injection moulding solutions for building and construction

Plastics for construction

Plastic parts for the construction sector at AKF Plastics.

Plastics for construction

Plastic parts for the construction sector at AKF Plastics.

For many years AKF Plastics has been producing plastic-based products for the construction sector using injection moulding. Plastic products are essential for the execution of successful construction projects. Consider, for example, the plastic that is used in the tools and the machines that are needed in construction.

Injection moulding; a smart choice

In theory, all kinds of different production techniques are possible to create building products. However, injection moulding is the best and most popular choice when it comes to producing plastic parts, fittings and tools. Injection moulding offers clear advantages over other production techniques with regards to costs, production numbers and application possibilities.

Injection moulding product for the construction sector

Injection moulded products for the construction sector.

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What AKF Plastics Nederland stands for:

Recycled plastic

AKF Plastics recognises the importance of protecting the environment and contributes to a circular economy.

For example, we use recycled plastics while our certification guarantees high quality products.

Small runs

AKF Plastics is your optimum partner for the injection moulding of small series of plastic products.

Injection moulding is also ideal for the production of complex products consisting of several components or even several materials!

Large products

AKF Plastics has everything in-house to take care of the complete injection moulding production of large products.

For example, we have injection moulding machines that can deliver up to 1600 tons of closing force and a shot weight up to 10,900 grams.

Cost-effective Injection Moulding Construction

Considerable savings can be made on costs when opting for plastic production. This is because:

  • The production of large series (such as 50,000 pieces) is common in plastic production. This has the advantage that:
    • Every penny saved in production costs results in a considerable reduction in the total end cost.
    • A lot of valuable time can be gained with the production time per product.
  • Injection moulding as a technique is very cost-effective for the production of large quantities. Moulds can be optimized to a high degree to ensure that the production process runs very efficiently while maintaining high-quality.

Consistent & reliable

The use of injection moulding for the production of plastic building products has the advantage that every product within a series deviates minimally from the prototype.

The high-quality moulds and precise plastic composition, ensure a very accurate and reliable consistency within the production.

  • The medical sector also prefers injection moulding over other production techniques where the reliability of an individual product is of vital importance.

Applications for plastic injection moulding in the building and construction sector

Plastic parts for HVAC ventilation

Plastic parts Climate control

Plastic parts for ventilation systems, air conditioning and refrigeration (HAVAC) that save CO2 and energy.

Plastic construction parts

Technical plastic parts building and construction

Plastic closures, caps, spacers, fittings, clamps and technical parts that should not be missing.

Plastic parts for shipbuilding

Plastic Parts Shipbuilding

Wear-resistant, UV-resistant and lightweight plastic parts that can withstand salt water.

Plastic injection moulding tools protective case

Plastic parts tools

Plastic tool parts, protective equipment or tools made entirely of high-quality plastic.

Plastic parts for heating installation

Plastic parts heating technology

Plastic parts for boilers, underfloor heating systems, heat pump installations and more.

Plastic Construction Montage Parts

Plastic parts assembly, fastening & screens

Strong plastic parts for the assembly or fastening of various products in house construction.

Plastic products for construction

Injection moulding is a technique that lends itself to a wide variety of applications in the construction sector. This technique is not limited to just one type of plastic production, as is the case with blow moulding for example.

Injection moulding is different in that it is very suitable and cost-effective for all kinds of different products and requests. Injection moulding is not only the best solution for the production of large series of simple plastic products, but thanks to the continuous development of knowledge and technology, injection moulding is also ideal for the production of complex products consisting of several components and even several materials!

Thanks to our production location and the use of the highest quality injection moulds, we are able to set up an efficient, cost-effective and successful production process for every solution and requirement in the construction sector.

Plastic product for construction sector

Opt for quality and reliability

In addition to the major advantages that injection moulding offers over other production techniques, there are other specific and essential benefits that AKF Plastics offers as a partner for construction projects.

1. The use of metal moulds

Metal moulds for plastic production are superior. This is because hardened steel moulds are guaranteed to offer optimum results with a production of up to one million quantities. Aluminum moulds can only offer optimum results with a production of up to 20,000 pieces. AKF Plastics always uses steel moulds for production in the construction sector.

2. Cost-effective production in the Netherlands

Simple products that require little or no manual assembly are the most cost-effective to produce in the Netherlands. The production site of AKF Plastics is located in Naarden.

Injection moulding for the Construction sector

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Aviation / Aerospace

Specialized and certified for aerospace parts production.

Auto Industry / Automotive

Injection moulding solutions for all types of plastic auto parts.

AKF's Contingency Production™

At AKF Plastics, we have a proven track record in delivering comprehensive solutions for various industries, including aerospace, construction, machinery and equipment manufacturing, the automotive sector, and many others. Our services encompass everything from design and mold development to production and logistics. With decades of experience, we offer speed and efficiency, resulting in competitive pricing and fast turnaround times. Our innovative strategy, Contingency Production™ Planning, ensures uninterrupted production even in uncertain market conditions. Whether you are active in aviation, construction, machinery, automotive, or any other sector, AKF Plastics guarantees reliability, quality, and innovation for all your plastic needs.

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