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Injection moulding for the automotive / Auto industry

AKF Plastics provides expert solutions for various injection molded parts for the auto industry (automotive).

Injection moulding automotive

AKF Plastics; the driving force behind all your plastic auto parts within the automotive industry.

AKF Plastics is your ideal partner for injection moulded automotive parts . We specialise in the injection moulding of plastic auto parts in short-runs, and large plastic parts in larger volumes, for many companies within the automotive industry.

We offer the expertise, experience and quality to be able to offer you the most reliable plastic car parts and applications.

Injection moulding automotive parts at AKF

AKF Plastics Netherlands can meet the most complex product requirements and is happy to work along with you to translate your needs into the highest quality injection moulding solutions, in accordance with the international standards that apply within the automotive/car industry.

You can rely on us for:


Several plastic injection moulded products, produced by AKF Plastics the Netherlands.

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What AKF Plastics Netherlands stands for:

Recycled plastic

AKF Plastics attaches great importance to the environment and contributes to a circular economy.

For example, we use recycled plastics and still maintain our certification guarantees of high quality products.

Small series injection moulding automotive

AKF Plastics is your optimum partner for the injection moulding of short-run plastic products.

Injection moulding is also ideal for the production of complex products consisting of several components or even several materials!

Injection moulding large products

AKF Plastics has everything to take care of the complete injection moulding production of large products.

For example, we have injection moulding machines that can deliver up to 1600 tons of closing force, and a shot weight up to 10,900 grams.

Automotive parts of the future

AKF Plastics Netherlands is characterized within the automotive industry by the use of innovative materials and production processes. This enables us to produce injection moulded car parts that match the character of the automotive industry of the future.

Examples are:

Automotive Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is our specialisation. Since the 1930s, AKF Plastics is focused on injection moulding solutions for a wide range of industries. We work not only professionally, but also economically, technically, and with social responsibility. We offer complete solutions as a supplier within the automotive industry.

  • We are experts in the field of injection moulding of thermoplastic plastics and decorative plastic automotive parts.
  • We produce parts for both the car and truck industry.
  • We also produce parts for both the interior and exterior of the car.

AKF Plastics is not only focused on the use of materials that are superior in quality and durability, but also on the use of materials that provide the best aesthetic results. We therefore only use decorative techniques to meet the aesthetic requirements of the automotive industry.

Injection moulded products Automotive; examples

From our ISO IATF certified factory, we carry out entire projects for leading manufacturers in the automotive industry.

We are a reliable automotive injection moulding partner for the production of the most diverse assignments for interior components. AKF Plastics Netherlands therefore has everything to meet the dynamic and challenging needs of today’s automotive industry. These are some examples of our moulded solutions:

  • Glove boxes
  • Door and window frames
  • Steering wheel covers
  • Handles
  • Air conditioning and ventilation parts
  • Console parts
  • Modules for the car roof

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AKF Plastics is not only focused on the use of materials that are superior in quality and durability, but also on the use of materials that provide the best aesthetic results.

In order to meet the aesthetic requirements of the automotive industry, we only use decorative techniques.

Short lead times and low costs

AKF Plastics is pleased to offer you a comprehensive solution for all applications in the production and design of parts for the aerospace industry. Since we can provide you with design, mould design, production and logistics, we are able to work quickly and efficiently for a competitive price. With us you can therefore rely on cost effective solutions with relatively short lead times. If you need a complete solution, then choose AKF Plastics!

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