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High-quality injection moulding

Always the highest quality

High-quality injection moulding at AKF Plastics

AKF Plastics aims at high performance production. We do so by continuously working towards added value for our customers.

Added value is expressed by several aspects. Of course, first and most of all quality is an aspect. But also optimal productions, fast and cost-effective productions, stable and constant productions as well as reliable deliveries.

High-quality Injection moulding production in the Netherlands

High-quality injection moulding production from A to Z

AKF Plastics provides full production services in injection moulding. This may include finishing, decorations (printing) and, if so required, additional assembly. Fair to say that production runs with additional assembly operations are these days assessed critically. Because of the influence of low-cost countries there are highly critical analysis to avoid assembly operations. If that is not possible, they are simplified as much as possible. If there remains a relatively large assembly operation we will assess the option to subcontract this to low-cost areas. However there may be appropriate motives to keep assembly operations in-house. For example, this may be the case in complex assemblies of low volume batch sizes.

Reinvest in the future

To this end AKF plastics aims at always having the latest technology at hand and ensure fully equipped, functioning and reliable machinery. Wherever possible we invest constantly in our production equipment.

Just in time delivery as standard service

The production of AKF Plastics is designed to deliver from stock as much as possible. We include stock postions as a standard activity within our field. That means that once a production is released and commenced, we will try, as much as possible, to build up and keep your products in stock. This has two advantages. Firstly, we may optimize and coordinate production batches as well as coonect different production batches in the most optimal waay, thus reducing costs for us. Secondly, you as a client, have the advantage to order from stock in most of the cases. This enables Just-In-Time to be a standard feature with us. You do not pay any costs for stock keeping of your products.

Almost unlimited injection moulding capacity

We operate our facilities in two manned shifts from 6 a.m. to 23.00 p.m. The other shifts (night as well as weekends) we operate our facilities unmanned, fully automated. If so required, from a capacity point of view, we may simply add a third and even fourth and fifth manned shift. Furthermore unskilled labour for handling, after working or assembly is organised in a complete flexible way. As such we can adjust labour depending on the capacity demand. In this way our capacity has a wide span with few limitations.

AKF Plastics eGuide with Tips & Advice Supplier Selection

Free eGuide with Tips & Advice: selecting your supplier for your injection moulding

To answer the most frequently asked questions, we have compiled a handy eGuide series with Tips & Advices. Part 2 provides insight into how you can select the right supplier, cost structure, price structure and our vision on quality.

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