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Frequently asked questions about injection moulding

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General questions

Yes, we build injection moulds in-house but we also source injection moulds worldwide. More information about the construction of moulds can be found here.

In principle you can order as many injection moulded products as you need starting from one piece. Small series deliveries are one of our specialties.

In principle, our delivery capacity is unlimited and we have no restrictions on the capacity in terms of numbers of items per year.

We process all thermoplastic injection moulding materials with the exception of PVC. In addition to the environmental and health considerations against this material, our building, our machines and our moulds are not suitable for this material.

In principle, the moulds can be financed by us and discounted in the product pricing. However, this has a number of disadvantages: Firstly, this will increase the mould costs based on longer-term pre-financing which can result in an additional charge of 10 to 20%. Secondly, in such cases we require purchase obligations and guarantees. Finally, in such cases we will maintain a discount at all times, which means that it will be more expensive in the longer term.

So it is possible, however, we strongly advise against this. We prefer that you pay for the moulds and become the owner. This is also a much better situation for you as it does not make you dependent on us as a supplier. We prefer a relationship in which you are our customer because you are satisfied with our products, and not because you are obliged to do stay with us due to mould financing.

In principle, the costs for an injection mould start at around € 5,000 and can amount to several hundred thousand euros. Approximately 20 % of the cost of an injection mould consists of purchasing and the remainder of man-hours required for the various stages of processing such as engineering and drawing, milling, turning, spark machining, drilling, grinding, polishing and assembly work. The costs for an injection mould are primarily determined by the complexity of a product (3D geometry), the projected production number per year, the required lifespan, the number of mould cavities (fold), the method of injection (conventional or by using hot-runner) and the possible need for gates (presence of undercuts).

Yes we deliver 3D CAD services based on SolidWorks. We also provide advice on manufacturability, material choices and associated costs. If requested we can also supply CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) with regard to flow behaviour, strength and mechanical properties via sourcing.

We specialize in the supply of technical components, in particular to the automotive industry, the aerospace industry and building and construction. In addition, we also supply commodities to consumer wholesale, aviation catering and the medical industry.

Yes, we also provide post-processing including complete assembly of compositions, possibly with metal and/or other parts.

Yes, we have a stock warehouse with 1,250 pallet positions, and we prefer to produce for stock after which we can deliver from stock.

Firstly, it is necessary to consider whether plastic is, or could be a suitable material. In addition, consideration must be given to how many products are needed and how complex the design is. In principle, injection moulding takes place on the assumption that: “The technically and economically optimal reproduction of complex 3D designed products can be made from plastic”.

Yes, in principle we can create any desired colour. There are restrictions regarding series sizes because colour changes entail setup costs.

Delivery moulds

Moulds for external production are shipped to the production location. Because of the vulnerability of parts, we prefer to do this with our own transport. We therefore have a 4X4 off-road vehicle, a delivery van and a trailer. Only if the weight exceeds 1,500 kg is the transport taken care of externally.

In that case we ensure that the mould is ready for production including the required cooling connections, centering edges and any other connections. Are there problems with starting up at the production location? We are happy to assist you, as a service, with hands-on practical advice.

Moulds that we produce internally generally remain in-house. They are provided with a model plate on which you are listed as the owner. The mould remains in storage with us for production purposes. For this we have a separate space within the production hall, the so-called ‘mould garden’. Our production location is equipped with various security systems with alarm monitoring in the event of a burglary or fire. Nevertheless, something can always happen. The moulds that we store for you as a customer are not covered by our insurance. We therefore advise you to have a clause included in your own insurance for these moulds. If you wish, you can also receive an official ownership certificate of the mould.

Of course, your moulds stored with us are used exclusively for you. We will never produce products using your injection mould unless you explicitly instruct us to do so.

The lifespan of moulds varies and is mainly dependent on the materials used. Normally we guarantee a minimum of 100,000 maintenance-free shots for fully hardened production moulds. Additional maintenance may be required between 100,000 and 500,000 shots. Further revision may become necessary between 500,000 and 1,000,000 shots. Everything depends entirely on the mould and the production. This can be pre-determined if required.

If we have your mould in production, we provide ‘standard’ maintenance without additional costs. Standard maintenance includes periodic lubrication, periodic polishing work, minor repairs and very minor revisions. For major repairs, major maintenance or major overhaul, we will contact you to discuss any costs. That way your mould stays in good hands and you will not be faced with any surprises.

Do you want more information about the construction of your mould, its storage or lifespan? Please feel free to contact us.

Purchase of an injection mould

When purchasing a mould on your behalf, we will keep you informed during the process. AKF Plastics then remains responsible for the delivery, which is taken into account in the purchasing strategy. We remain involved at least as a project supervisor.

Sometimes our involvement even goes as far as doing the first mould constructions in-house. In any case, local test injection moulding that takes place is supervised by us. In addition, the purchased moulds are tested in the Netherlands and further optimized by, or under the supervision of AKF Plastics.

For mould purchasing, AKF Plastics uses only the best mould suppliers from the following countries:

  • The Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Portugal
  • China
  • United States

Are you considering having a mould built abroad? Please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to advise you on the options available, and can help protect you from potential pitfalls.

Do you have any questions? Contact us or make an appointment for more information.

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