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Sustainability and Innovation

A Forward-Looking Approach in Plastics Manufacturing.

Sustainable Innovation in Plastics

Promise of a Green Future

At AKF Plastics, we are fully committed to transforming the plastics industry with sustainable innovations. Our mission is to lead in environmental protection and carbon offsetting, supported by our cooperation with TPAC, the purchase of forest land, and the implementation of solar energy projects. Our strategies for recycling and using renewable energy not only guarantee the continuity of our production but also underline our responsibility to the environment. With this approach, we prove that sustainable business and economic success can go hand in hand, providing our customers with green injection molding solutions without compromising on quality or availability.

Granulaat recycling plastic injection moulding spuitgieten NAarden NEderland

Durable plastic injection molding at AKF Plastic

Recycled Plastics

AKF Plastics places great importance on the environment and contributes to a circular economy.

We use recycled plastics while our certification guarantees high-quality products.


AKF Plastics is your optimal partner for injection molding small series of plastic products.

Injection molding is also ideal for producing complex products consisting of multiple components or even multiple materials.

Large products

AKF Plastics has everything needed for the complete injection molding production of large products.

We have injection molding machines capable of up to 1600 tons of clamping force and up to 10,900 grams of shot weight.

Contact Our Injection Molding Experts

Do you have a question about materials, injection molding or a specific product or the application of recycled materials for your products? We’re here to help. Contact us using the contact form or call: 035 694 5545

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Sustainable machinery

Our solar project is a leap forward in making our machinery more sustainable. The installation of 1,318 solar panels, producing more than 500,000 kWh annually, allows us to supply our production facilities with green energy. This transition to renewable energy sources not only reduces our CO2 emissions but also emphasizes our commitment to quality and innovation. The use of solar energy is part of our long-term strategy to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our business, setting an example in the industry.

In addition to the investment in solar energy, AKF Plastics has also invested in all-electric injection molding machines, an important step toward an even more sustainable production process. These machines offer a more energy-efficient solution compared to traditional hydraulic machines, resulting in lower energy consumption and thus reducing CO2 emissions. This progressive approach again highlights our commitment to sustainability, striving to minimize our environmental footprint while maintaining the highest standards of quality.


The right raw materials

At AKF Plastics, we apply strict selection criteria for our suppliers, paying attention not only to the quality of the raw materials but also to the social responsibility of the companies we work with. This approach ensures that the entire supply chain, from raw material to finished product, meets our high standards. This careful selection allows us to guarantee that every link in our chain contributes to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

AKF Plastics is proactive in advising clients on the use of recycled injection molding granules. Depending on the project and specific requirements, we offer the possibility of combining recycled material with virgin aggregate. This approach allows us to ensure the quality of critical components while contributing to sustainability. With our years of expertise, we can provide comprehensive advice on the optimal composition of materials for each project, focusing on quality and environmental friendliness.

Applications for durable plastic injection molding

Duurzaam spuitgieten kunststof onderdelen voor de luchtvaart.

Aviation / Aerospace

Specialized and certified for aviation parts production.

Duurzaam spuitgieten voor Automotive / Automobielindustrie.

Auto Industry / Automotive

Injection molding solutions for all types of plastic auto parts.

Spuitgieten van onderdelen voor de bouw en constructie sector.

Construction and Building

Complex design? No problem, this is one of our specialties.

Duurzaam spuitgieten van kunststof onderdelen voor machines.

Device Construction

Reliable solutions that improve the performance and durability of your machines.

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Recycling of Composite Material

At AKF Plastics, we believe that sustainable business is the future. Together with TPAC, we are innovating in recycling thermoplastic composites, closing the cycle of production waste. Our partnership underscores our mission for a green future. Our pioneering project with TPAC transforms residual waste into reusable injection molded granulate. This initiative reduces our carbon footprint and supports our clients in achieving their ESG goals.

Green Revolution in Industry

The partnership with TPAC offers AKF Plastics a unique opportunity to address the challenges surrounding the recycling of thermoplastic composites. These materials, essential in industries such as aerospace, require specific processes for recycling to maintain their mechanical properties and economic value. TPAC’s expertise and facilities enable us to develop pioneering recycling methods, resulting in more sustainable production methods and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. The benefits include not only environmental gains but also cost savings for our customers, thanks to the reuse of valuable materials.

Offsetting CO2

AKF Plastics buys natura 2000 forest

With our purchase of 7.4 hectares of forest in the Veluwe, we are taking an important step toward carbon offsetting and protecting natural habitats. This initiative is a direct reflection of our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

We ensure that this piece of nature is preserved, contributing to biodiversity and actively combating climate change. This forest is not only an investment in the environment but also a guarantee of preserving nature for future generations.

As president of AKF Plastics, I am proud of our progressive approach to corporate social responsibility. By actively investing in sustainability and carbon offsetting, such as our cooperation with TPAC, the purchase of forest land, and the installation of solar panels, we demonstrate that economic success can go hand in hand with ecological responsibility. Our goal is to play a leading role in the transition to a greener industry, for our customers and the planet.

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AKF's Contingency Production™

At AKF Plastics, we offer a comprehensive solution for the machine and equipment manufacturing sector, including design, mold development, production, and logistics With our extensive expertise and experience, we can work quickly and efficiently, resulting in competitive prices and fast turnaround times. Furthermore, we have developed an innovative strategy, Contingency Production™ Planning, to ensure uninterrupted production, even in uncertain market conditions. Choose AKF Plastics for reliability, quality, and innovation in the machine and equipment manufacturing sector.

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