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Contingency Production™

Stable pricing, guaranteed quality and continuous production

Contingency Production™ Planning

Guaranteed continuity in injection moulding

AKF Plastics makes every effort to provide its customers with their necessary plastic products at all times, despite uncertainties in the markets. While injection moulded parts previously seemed to have little added value, it is now clear that shortages of precisely these products can cause stagnation in the supply chain. Since 2022, AKF Plastics has therefore developed a unique strategy: Contingency Production™ Planning. This method works on the basis of four important pillars, which are explained below. Together, this approach guarantees the most reliable and stable production in the market. Uncertainties in the field of price and availability are therefore a thing of the past.

Added value

Contingency Production

AKF continues where other injection moulding companies stop. Thanks to our broad customer portfolio and our many years of existence, we have acquired extensive knowledge in the field of special additives for the most demanding industries. Think, for example, of special flame-retardant plastics for the aviation and automotive industry, special additives for the food industry or the direct injection of a second component to save production costs.


High Quality

Contingency Production

As a Dutch company with more than 90 years of experience, customers from the most demanding industries (medical, automotive, aerospace, food, etc.) and extensive knowledge in the field of product development, AKF Plastics offers unparalleled quality. Every product that rolls off our production line needs to be perfect. So we only go for the best, this starts with our trained staff and our raw materials and ends with the plastic end product.

Did you know?

History AKF Plastics Netherlands

AKF Plastics has a rich history of supplying injection moulding solutions dating back to the 1930s. Since then, we have gained experience and developed craftsmanship for a wide variety of customers.

The exact foundation date of the predecessor company has been lost in the traces of time, but AKF Plastics dates from the pre-war period, located in the center of Amsterdam.

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Sublime service

Contingency Production

AKF Plastics has been thinking along with customers for years. For many years we have been working on internal optimizations that, for our direct customers, result in a greatly improved service level to their customers, the end customers. For example: We continue to invest in our capacity, speed and quality of our injection moulding machines and moulds. With our extensive experience in the field of mould development, we can also supervise the preliminary phase and maintain customer moulds. Supplemented with our logistics expertise and added value in the field of assembly and stocking, we offer a full-service package.

Did you know?

AKF Plastics Machinepark

We are proud of our injection moulding machine park. At AKF Plastics we can offer you injection moulding machines that deliver clamping force ranging from 12 to 1600 tons! Did you know that our 12 ton injection moulding machine is one of the smallest in the world?

Discover our machine park or come by for a tour of our injection moulding company in Naarden.



Contingency Production

A stable supply chain requires reliable partners. Partners with resilience, flexibility and extensive experience. AKF Plastics has proven expertise and has been working for the most demanding customers for over 90 years.