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Assembly plastic injection moulding products

We assemble, on location, your plastic injection moulding products

Assembly injection moulding products

Assemble on site, or outsource? Let’s solve it together.

AKF Plastics specializes in providing complete injection moulding components. This can of course also include assemblies. Working in partnership with the customer we help find the optimum choice for any situation.

In general it is advisable to outsource assembly in order to save on costs. However in special cases we can also carry out assemblies for you on location. Depending on the series size and complexity we will look for the most suitable solution.

The advantages of assembly of injection moulding products with AKF Plastics:

Assembly Injection Moulding - AKF Plastics

Complete on-site assembly with AKF Plastics in Naarden.

Assembly injection moulding products

If you want injection moulding in small series, and there is complex assembly after production, we can help you at our location in Naarden. At AKF Plastics we continuously align our solutions with customers’ requirements, and this is of course possible when assembly on location is the most suitable or desired solution. AKF Plastics also takes care of the purchase of additional items, storage and logistics. This can give you multiple savings.

Outsource assembly

If you want to produce larger series, we will assist you in minimising the costs by simplifying the assembly if necessary. We can then transfer the process to countries where the costs for assembly are lower.

AKF Plastics’ strategies and solutions are always customer-centred. When it comes to assembly, we look at how we can keep costs as low as possible without having to compromise on quality. Everything is possible.

Do you need assembly of plastic injection moulding parts?

Do you need a partner who takes care of the assembly of your products? Contact us or make an appointment for more information. We can also call you back. You can request a call with the button below.

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