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AS9100 Certification

AKF Plastic is certified for the aerospace industry

AS9100 Certification

AS9100 quality management for aerospace

AKF Plastics holds an AS9100 certification. This certificate is important in the aviation industry.

AS9100 is a quality management system based on ISO 9001 and aimed at the quality of aerospace. With this certification, Lloyds officially sanctions Dutch suppliers to provide mechanical parts and (electro) mechanical assemblies for the aviation industry. AS9100 is the foundation for the safety, reliability and regulatory compliance of products in the aerospace industry.

The benefits for your organisation include:


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What is AS9100 Quality Management?

AS9100 (BS EN 9100) is the uniform standard for quality and risk management for the aerospace sector. The standard is used and supported by the leading aerospace companies and their supply chains. AS9100 can be used by companies across the aerospace industry such as design, product, maintenance and distribution companies. When certified to this standard, business partners can rest assured that the supplier has a quality management system in place. AS9100 may also be essential to obtain a trading license. As a result, the standard is important now, and in the future.

AS9100 AKF Plastics - Airbus airplane plastic injection moulding parts

The benefits of an AS9100 certification

End-to-end supply chain management

AS9100 certification helps optimise an organisation’s supply chain and build supplier relationships that benefit both sides.

Delivery times and costs can be reduced through cooperation.

Employee involvement and decision making

Management system processes are defined and mapped; AS9100 ensures employee engagement and buy-in, so that customer satisfaction targets are met.

In view of the important decisions that ensure continuous improvement, leadership is essential to the success of the AS9100 system.

Improved efficiency and continuous improvement

For an AS9100 certification, an organisation must adopt a process-based approach to its internal activities and processes. Continuous improvement is one of the core principles of AS9100.

It increases efficiency and ensures smooth delivery of products or services.

ISO 9100 and AS9100 certification

What is ISO9100 certification?

AKF Plastics also holds an ISO 9100 certificate, but what does that mean? ISO 9001: 2015 is the international standard par excellence for taking the (quality) management system of an organisation to a higher level. It is also the basic standard on which other standards such as IATF 16949 (automotive) or AS 9100 (aerospace) are grafted.

What is the difference between AS9100 and ISO 9100?

The AS9100 certification broadly follows the ISO 9001 standard, but AS 9100 raises the bar in many areas. These stricter quality and safety requirements are necessary given the enormous production costs and the high risk of the products that are used. The intention is for the entire logistics chain of the aerospace and defence industries to implement the AS 9100 requirements.

Because we have an AS9100 certification, we meet the high standards of the international aviation industry. Market leaders within the aviation industry work with us because of our high level of quality, logistics management and reliability.

Injection moulding production according to AS9100

AKF Plastics strives for high-quality injection moulding production. We always work with our customers to ensure we provide added value wherever possible.


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