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About injection moulding company
AKF Plastics

Since 1930.

AKF Plastics, your partner for high-quality injection moulding solutions.

AKF Plastics has a rich history in the supply of injection moulding solutions that goes back to the 1930s. Since then we have gained extensive experience and developed craftsmanship for a wide range of customers. Our mission is to realize the most high-quality plastic injection moulding solutions for industrial customers, in the most economic, technical and socially responsible way achievable.

The exact date when the company was founded has been lost to the annals of time, but AKF Plastics goes way back to the pre-war period when it was located in the center of Amsterdam. You can view our historical highlights yourself on the interactive timeline below. You are also very welcome to visit our production location in Naarden for a tour, or to admire our moulds in virtual action on the video on the right.

The historical highlights of injection moulding company AKF Plastics

The start of AGF
On the Baarsjesweg (Amsterdam Old-West) was a firm of tool makers named the 'Amsterdamse Gereedschappen Fabriek (AGF) CV', which mainly focused on the production of cutting, bending, tracking and punching stamps for the metal industry.
Emerging plastic market
In the 1970s, the focus on metal stamps gradually changed to the production of injection moulds for the emerging plastic market in the Netherlands, and the old profession moved on.
AKF is taken over
In 1972 the company was bought by Jan Willem Knoop, a building contractor from Groningen, primarily as an investment. The son-in-law and daughter of Mr. Knoop, Cees and Maddy Bakker, were employed in this company.
The start of AKF
In the 1980s the purchase of the first injection moulding machine was made, primarily intended for in-house testing of the injection moulds they produced. The first 0-0 series and the first production series soon followed. The number of injection moulding machines expanded rapidly and the 'Amsterdamse Kunststoffen Fabriek (AKF) BV was established.
Moving to Naarden
In 1987 the existing factory was still right in the centre of Amsterdam, but it became too small and the problems with the residential areas surrounding it, grew. So the company decided to purchase and use a business premises on an industrial site in Naarden and both companies moved to its current production location.
The injection moulding activity is expanding
In the 1990s, the injection moulding production was gradually expanded and the focus shifted permanently from a mould maker, to an injection moulding supplier with its own tool making.
AKF and AGF become 1 company
In 1995 the new generation of owners entered the company, and in 1999 both companies were taken over by them. Both business activities were then brought together to form the current company 'AKF / AGF Industry BV'.
In the following years the emphasis was increasingly placed on injection moulding which continued to grow. In 2010, business premises were also added to the company, which until then had been rented from the family.
AKF is moving
In 2012, the existing accommodation became too small, unsuitable for the business activities, and in urgent need of renovation. In 2012, a start was made on the construction of a new business premises consisting of two state-of-the-art production halls and offices at the location of the existing premises. This construction was completed in 2016 and the company is now ready for the future.
AKF Plastics
AKF / AGF industry becomes AKF Plastics and undergoes a house style metamorphosis. The logo remains the same, but the company name, colour scheme and overall branding is upgraded. AKF Plastics will continue to focus on the specialist requirements of the Aerospace, Automotive and Construction Industry. A new 1600-ton injection moulding machine enables AKF to produce large parts in large or smaller specialized series.

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